Historical Infor SunSystems & iPOS data at your fingertips without the need to maintain a SunSystems database

Access to your historical Infor SunSystems & iPOS data…when you want

Any company who is moving or has moved away from Infor SunSystems will have the requirement to hold several years of transactional data for audit purposes. This can come at a cost at a time when you want to focus on investing your new platform.

Archive Inquiry is the solution to your problem. It can be implemented in around half a day, sit in your existing Infor SunSystems database. It negates the need to purchase more costly Infor SunSystems and Q&A licences for archive access.

Archive Inquiry offers the most powerful inquiry functionality for interrogating your archive Infor SunSystems ledgers and iPOS procurement data.

Based on the highly popular Advanced Inquiry, Archive Inquiry is the latest addition to the Professional Advantage solution suite.

Why people choose Archive Inquiry

Intuitive user interface

Fast extraction for quick data checks

Works on your data out of the box

Links to other data sources

Functional security controls

Allows for multiple inquiries to be run and viewed on the screen simultaneously


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We understand that the software selection process takes time and research. Archive Inquiry has helped many organisations like yours transform the way they do business. Download our Archive Inquiry brochure to learn more.

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