Detect and Respond To Critical Events with XMPro’s Application Development Platform. PA Streams makes the complex, simple, to resolve multi-source data integration issues.

Professional Advantage offer industry specific software solutions with Microsoft-based applications. By using technology as our foundation, we enable high performing work places

Automation can save time and money and preclude human error. Our Process Automation suite comprises; PA eSign (electronic signatures), PA Intelligent Invoice Capture (reads invoices using AI that ensures fast invoice data capture and greater accuracy with use) and PA Streams (data extraction and manipulation).

The incomparable uniqueness of the Professional Advantage suite is our seamless, native integration to Infor SunSystems. Our portfolio of solutions are designed only for SunSystems and are not reliant on a duplicated databases, nor does they require the use of SS Connect or ION. Interaction with Infor SunSystems happens in real time, not through an interface.  What the Professional Advantage Infor SunSystems suite will give you is trust. Trust in your data, trust in your decisions, trust in your insights. This is what makes our solutions completely different.

B4B is the interface between your payables solution and your bank(s, streamlining and standardising payment processing across your entire organisation. It increases efficiency, mitigates risk, improves control giving you full visibility over your entire bank payment process.