Keep your payments secure with Infor SunSystems B4B
B4B provides a seamless link between Infor SunSystems™ and your bank(s) for Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) or internet banking.

It is an easy to use yet sophisticated payment management tool catering for today's global banking requirements. B4B brings international and domestic payments together, allowing multi-national companies to set up a global payments operation from a single source. This reduces inaccuracies, time and cost.

B4B has a large library of banking formats, spanning across the globe and supports a wide variety of payment types such as CHAPS, Faster Payments, BACS, SWIFT, SEPA, and many more. B4B was developed specifically for Infor SunSystems and is able to be embedded as a shortcut with SunSystems.

Security for bank payments is paramount for any organisation. B4B includes fully encrypted data within the solution as well as PGP Encryption and sFTP automatic file upload to your bank.

Add to this, a multi-tier approval matrix to assist in fraud prevention and audit controls and remittances, you can see why B4B maintains its position as the premier payment management solution for Infor SunSystems users with a swift return on investment.

Why people choose B4B

PGP Encryption

Approval matrix to assist in fraud prevention

Approval matrix to assist in fraud prevention

Large global library of formats

A ‘one stop shop’ for all payment & remittance activity

A ‘one stop shop’ for all payment & remittance activity

Automatic synchronisation to SunSystems

Dedicated statement audit trail & reporting

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