The incomparable uniqueness of the Professional Advantage suite is our seamless, native integration to Infor SunSystems. Our portfolio of solutions are designed only for SunSystems and are not reliant on a duplicated databases, nor does they require the use of SS Connect or ION. Interaction with Infor SunSystems happens in real time, not through an interface. 

The benefits of the seamless integration include real time access to items such as budget figures, transaction analysis codes, supplier trading status, payment data and all other relevant SunSystems referential data. This gives users a single source of truth as they work through the day.  No need to build or maintain complex interfaces or process intermediary files.

What the Professional Advantage Infor SunSystems suite will give you is trust. Trust in your data, trust in your decisions, trust in your insights. This is what makes our solutions completely different.


"Infor and Professional Advantage have had a long and successful history working closely together, as a strategic solution partner they have provided significant value and business benefit to our customers and continue to offer extended business solutions that are complimentary to Infor SunSystems. We continue to work together to drive forward an innovative agenda for our customers and we look forward to doing so into the future."


We understand that the software selection process takes time and research. Our solutions have helped many organisations like yours transform the way they do business. 

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