Easily maintain your current bank position
with Infor SunSystems Bank Reconciliation​

Our one step statement upload saves time, allowing you to reconcile the bank account daily basis if desired. This highly automated process allows you to identify, track and resolve non-reconciled items at a glance, even across multiple accounts, without the need to convert to a journal file.​

Bank Reconciliation matches these items either manually or automatically with matching rules, while providing a statement audit trail report on all unmatched items, allowing you to meet any compliance requirements.​

Bank Reconciliation prevents the processing of duplicate statements, and gives you a quick return on your investment with automatic matching on an average of 80% of transactions.​

​Gain control today over your business' most important asset, cash, with Bank Reconciliation.​

Why people choose Bank Reconciliation

Faster close

Approval matrix to assist in fraud prevention

Approval matrix to assist in fraud prevention

Large global library of formats

A ‘one stop shop’ for all payment & remittance activity

A ‘one stop shop’ for all payment & remittance activity

Automatic synchronisation to SunSystems

Dedicated statement audit trail & reporting

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We understand that the software selection process takes time and research. Bank Reconciliation has helped many organisations like yours transform the way they do business. Download our Bank Reconciliation brochure to learn more.


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