Thank you for visiting the Professional Advantage website. This online privacy policy describes our policy for Social Media.


Social Media Policy

  1. The Social Media Policy (“Policy”) relates to Professional Advantage Pty Ltd (“PA”) and, where relevant, operates in conjunction with the Internet, Email and Computer Use Policy and the Contract of Employment or contract for service.


Commencement of Policy

  1. This Policy will commence from 30/03/2012.  It replaces all other policies, if any, relating to access to social media platforms and social networking sites (whether written or not).



  1. The Policy relates to all full-time, part-time and casual employees of PA (“PA Employees”), as well as contractors, temporaries and subcontractors working for or on behalf of either a company or any associated companies in the PA workplace (“PA Contractors”).
  2. The Policy also applies to PA Employees and PA Contractors’ participation in social media inside or outside of any PA workplace. 
  3. The Policy does not form part of any contract of employment with PA.  Nor does it form part of any contract for service with PA.



In this Policy:

  1. Blogging” means the act of using web log or ‘blog’.  A blog is a frequently updated website featuring diary-style commentary, audio-visual material and links to articles on other websites.
  2. Confidential Information” includes but is not limited to trade secrets of PA; non-public information about the organisation and affairs of PA such as: pricing information such as internal cost and pricing rates,  production scheduling software, special supply information; marketing or strategy plans; exclusive supply agreements or arrangements; commercial and business plans; commission structures; contractual arrangements with third parties; tender policies and arrangements; financial information and data; sales and training materials; technical data; schematics; proposals and intentions; designs; policies and procedures documents; concepts not reduced to material form; information which is personal information for the purposes of privacy law; and all other information obtained from PA or obtained in the course of working or providing services to PA that is by its nature confidential.
  3. Computer” includes all laptop computers and desk top computers

  4. “Hand held device” includes all such devices which are used by PA Employees and PA Contractors , inside and outside working hours, in the workplace of PA (or a related corporation of PA) or at any other place. Such devices include, but are not limited to, mobile phones, Blackberrys, Palm Pilots, PDAs, iPhones, tablets, iPads, other handheld electronic devices, smart phones and similar products, and any other device used to access social networking sites or a social media platform.

  5. Intellectual Property” means all forms of intellectual property rights throughout the world including copyright, patent, design, trade mark, trade name, and all Confidential Information and including know-how and trade secrets.

  6.  “Person” includes any natural person, company, partnership, association, trust, business, or other organisation or entity of any description and a Person’s legal personal representative(s), successors, assigns or substitutes.

  7. “SMT” means the Senior Management Team of PA which comprises the Directors and the Chief Financial Officer of PA

  8. “Social Networking Site” and “Social Media Platform”  includes but is not limited to Facebook, My Space, Bebo, Friendster, Flickr, LinkedIn, XING, Blogger, WordPress, You Tube, Twitter, Yahoo Groups, Google Groups Whirlpool, Instant Messaging Services, Message Board, Podcasts, ‘Wikis’ (e.g. Wikipedia) and other similar sites.


REPRESENTING PA in social media

  1. In consideration of the type of business of PA, any comments made in a Social Media Platform must be factual and consistent information with PA’s goals and objectives.  This means protecting commercially sensitive information in accordance a PA Employee’s contract of employment  and a PA Contractor’s contract for service.
  2. All PA Employees and PA Contractors are restricted from making comments on behalf of PA or use PA’s branding (including the corporate logo, internal logo and registered trademarks) in any Social Media Platform unless otherwise authorised.
  3. Only the following PA Employees are authorised to speak on behalf of PA on Social Media Platforms:
    • Managing Directors
    • Chief Financial Officer
  4. PA recognises that circumstances may arise in which PA Employees and PA Contractors make mention of PA in social media. 
  5. Unless authorised by PA, any comments made by PA Employees and PA Contractors must contain a disclaimer that they are not representing PA and do not have authority to speak on behalf of PA and the views of the PA Employee/PA Contractor do not represent the views of PA. 



  1. All PA Employees and PA Contractors  acknowledge that:
  2. they are not to make comments which might reflect negatively on PA’s reputation or make deliberately false or misleading claims about PA, or its products or services. Any recognised inaccurate comments must have all reasonable efforts made by the PA Employee or PA Contractor to correct the statement; 
  3. they must not disclose confidential or commercially sensitive information about PA. This obligation continues after the employment or engagement ceases;
  4. they must not endorse or cite any client, partner or supplier of PA without the explicit prior permission of the SMT except as may be necessary on internal Social Media Platforms;
  5. they must observe the relevant privacy, defamation and copyright laws; and
  6. they must comply with relevant discrimination laws and PA policies that relate to discrimination and harassment.


Material posted by others

  1. Inappropriate or disparaging content and information stored or posted by others (including non-employees) in the social media environment may also damage the PA’s reputation.
  2. If you become aware of any such material which may damage PA or its reputation, you must immediately notify your manager and Dirk Langenfeld on 94668754.


Internal social media platforms

  1. PA has its own internal social media platform, including, but not limited to, Socialcast, Yammer.  The content is owned and controlled by PA and is available to internal audiences only. Any unauthorised distribution of content located in the internal social media platform is in breach of this Policy.



  1. The website of PA includes a blogging and social networking facilities that only authorised PA Employees and PA Contractors may use.
  2. Authorised PA Employees and PA Contractors are only permitted to contribute to external blogs and social network entries on PA’s website in order to share information and knowledge, obtain constructive feedback, interact directly with clients, collaborate over projects and solve problems, promote PA’s organisation, and raise PA’s profile.


Standards in relation to EXTERNAL blogs and sites operated by PA

  1. PA Employees and PA Contractors must not engage in prohibited conduct.  Further:
  2. Only PA Employees and PA Contractors who are authorised by a member of the SMT are permitted to publish a blog or social network entry on any sites operated by PA,
  3. PA Employees and PA Contractors must list their name and job title and add the following disclaimer: “The opinions expressed here are the personal opinions of the writer. Content published here does not necessarily represent the views and opinions of Professional Advantage Pty Ltd.” 
  4. PA Employees and PA Contractors may participate in the PA-related public communications during normal work time.  However, if doing so interferes with any of the PA Employees/PA Contractors’ normal work responsibilities, PA reserves the right to withdraw the PA Employees/PA Contractors’ access to the communication facilities.
  5. PA Employees/PA Contractors will be personally legally responsible for any content they publish and need to be aware of applicable laws.
  6. If PA Employees/PA Contractors subsequently discovers a mistake in their blog or social networking entry, they are required to immediately inform a member of the SMT of any factual errors and then take steps to correct the mistake.  All alterations should indicate the date on which the alteration was made.


External social media platforms

  1. When using external Social Media Platforms, including, but not limited to social networks and blogging sites, PA Employees and PA Contractors should not disparage or make adverse comments about PA, any PA Employee or any PA Contractor. This includes where such comments are made whilst a PA Employee or PA Contractor is contributing to a Social Media Platform using a PA computer and internet resources and similarly whilst using a non-PA computer or hand held device.
  2. PA Employees and PA Contractors should be aware that, in accordance with the Internet Policy, internet usage is continuously logged and archived by PA for monitoring purposes, on an ongoing basis.
  3. If it comes to PA’s attention that a PA Employee or PA Contractor has made inappropriate and/or unauthorised comments about PA or a PA Employee or PA Contractor, PA may choose to take action against such person as outlined in the Policy.  Action will not be limited to contributions made on a social media platform made whilst using PA computer and internet resources but may include action taken as a consequence of inappropriate and/or unauthorised contributions made about PA, a PA Employee or PA Contractor via a non-PA computer or hand held device.


PA Employees and PA Contractors’ responsibilities

  1. PA Employees and PA Contractors are personally responsible to report any inaccurate, misleading or deceptive information they encounter about PA and its products and services to a member of the SMT.



  1. Apart from the potentially adverse effects a blog or social networking entry may have on PA, inappropriate blogs on internal or external sites can also have adverse consequences for a PA Employee or PA Contractors in terms of future career prospects, as the material remains widely and permanently accessible to other site users.


Consequences of breaching the social media policy

  1. Any breach of the Policy may result in disciplinary action, including, but not limited to, issue of a warning, demotion, suspension or termination of employment (or, for PA Contractors, the termination or non-renewal of their contract for service).


PA Contact

  •  Any questions about this Policy should be directed to the UK Country Manager at



PA reserves the right to vary, replace or terminate this Policy from time to time.