Notice for all iPOS sites

Microsoft announced some time ago that Internet Explorer (IE) 11 was coming to the end of its life. Microsoft have advised that from 17th August 2021, the remaining Microsoft 365 apps and services will no longer support IE11. This is also with the end of support for SQL2012 and SQL2014.

How does this affect you?

All versions of iPOS prior to v20 required the use of Internet Explorer (the dependency being on Silverlight for some components).

In iPOS v20, Silverlight has been removed with the exception of Contracts, which will follow later this year. 

If you are on iPOS v6.1.6 or lower, our strong recommendation is that you look to upgrade to iPOS v20 at your earliest opportunity to avoid any IE issues.

If you do not wish to upgrade now, please be advised that Internet Explorer (IE) will still work but that Microsoft will no longer be releasing security patches after the August date. Our recommendation is that if you decide to continue to use IE11 without the security updates, that you use it only on your internal network with no access to the external internet as a precaution.