"Professional Advantage has been very good throughout the project. Their staff have always been cooperative and accessible. They've always tried to find solutions to fit in with our business and business model."

Chief Financial Officer, Financial Services company

Discover why our people stand out from the crowd

Professional Advantage is a private company, determined never to forget that our wonderful, hardworking people make all the difference to our clients. Our people are our strength. 

What sort of people fit in at Professional Advantage?

Everyone at Professional Advantage is self-sufficient, highly motivated and can work independently, with or without supervision. You are not the sort of person who waits to be told what to do, you can see the objective, use your intellect to visualise the solution, and can turn ideas in to realities; this is a dynamic environment and people here have a can-do, collaborative attitude where you will never be short of help when you need it.

You must be willing and able to make your contribution at all levels, without being afraid of being put off; no one ever gets ignored at Professional Advantage for trying to make a contribution. Smart, professional and confident are essential attributes, as are pride in your work and loving what you do for a living. You should be the type of person who is self-aware and able to identify areas of self-improvement, act on that, and not be afraid to put your hand up if you need help or understanding.