Make the complex, simple

Do you need better visibility of critical business events? Do you wish that you could respond rapidly to prevent negative financial or reputational impact on your organisation? Do you rely on many business systems that operate independently and offer multiple versions of the truth?

Traditional systems integration and business intelligence solutions provide a retrospective view reducing your ability to respond at the most critical time.

With PA Streams you have the ability to bundle, transform and display data from diverse systems on a real time basis. You can monitor for events across systems triggering alerts and recommendations, providing an immediate understanding of an emerging situation allowing you to intervene rapidly.  Utlising the real time data streaming component, PA Streams offers the ability to easily connect systems using its drag and drop user interface and large library of connectors ensuring systems are synchronised on a real time basis.

 Gain Insight, Proactively Manage Risk, Change the Way you Work, Control Costs, and Accelerate your Growth. 

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Thursday 10th June 2021


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