Infor SunSystems™ eRemit


Simple, customisable electronic remittances for Infor SunSystems

Infor SunSystems™eRemit automates the distribution of suppliers' payment remittances and customers collection advices. eRemit can be implemented individually or as part of the B4B electronic payments module, whether you are using the payments side or not.


With eRemit, you will gain instant reduction in printing and posting costs flexible delivery options as it is fully integrated with Infor SunSystems. eRemit has a clear user interface with easy customisable templates and reports.


Fast implementation and ROI, you can use eRemit for electronic payments to suppliers and for direct debit notifications to debtors.


eRemit has a range of features including:

  • Works with any SMTP mail system
  • Caters for large volume emails
  • Option to preview and print
  • Defer the sending of remittances
  • Email, fax or print remittances
  • Detailed reports on emails sent and total amounts


You can customise these settings with SunSystems payment profile. You'll also be able to implement SunSystems data access groups to eRemit reports and profiles.


Want to know more? Watch the eRemit Overview.

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