Powerful data aggregation for Infor SunSystems

Infor SunSystems™Consolidations is a powerful ledger data aggregation tool that allows you to consolidate journals in multiple SunSystems business units with the touch of a button. It supports multi-currency conversions, provides for inter-company eliminations and joint venture relationships and produces a detailed audit trail upon completion.


Forget using reporting and spreadsheets, consolidate your transactions and get full audit trail, rollback, rerun and inter-company eliminations, all with the safety of built in security settings.


You can cater for different year ends, transactions and reporting currencies, and different charts of accounts and analysis codes. You can even schedule Consolidations to run automatically every 30 minutes to keep month-end running smoothly while determining your own levels of summarisation.


Developed specifically for Infor SunSystems, Consolidations fits seamlessly into your corporate structure with an easy to use interface. It provides improved speed, accuracy and efficiency and has a low cost of ownership.


Want to know more? Watch the Consolidations presentation.

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