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Enhancement solutions for Infor SunSystems™

Professional Advantage has an unparalled reputation for the development, implementation and ongoing support of Infor SunSystems™ enhancement solutions such as; Collect, iPOS eProcurement, CashDesk (B4B, eRemit & Bank Reconciliation), Contract & Service Billing (CSB), Advanced Inquiry and Consolidations.


These products give clients a rapid ROI through the introduction of smart end-user functionality, high performance and levels of integration not available in other solutions. We strive to make a great product like SunSystems even greater.


Professional Advantage is the leading global developer for additional modules to Infor SunSystems, as well as being the top Infor Partner for Asia Pacific.


  • Advanced Inquiry
  • B4B
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Collect Credit Management
  • Consolidations
  • Contract Service Billing (CSB)
  • eRemit
  • iPOS eProcurement




Customer Stories

  • NHH iPOS Case Study
    Housing association explains the reasoning behind their decision to implement SunSystems™ iPOS to properly manage their growing business.
    Read  | Download
  • Shepherds Bush CSB Case Study
    Shepherds Bush HA outline how they achieved their objective to implement a solution that would allow automatic self-invoicing as an easy way to accommodate private landlord financial administration.
    Read  | Download
  • Amnesty International iPOS Case Study
    Amnesty had the challenge of replacing another procurement solution and needed a solution that ensured a seamless migration for data and users to iPOS for Infor SunSystems.
    Read  | Download
  • Yotel iPOS Case Study
    YOTEL needed to replace manual processes and deliver consistent reporting according to international accounting requirements to support ambitious plans for expansion.
    Read  | Download
  • CHP iPOS Case Study
    CHP Housing Group discussed their decision to implement iPOS eProcurement for Infor SunSystems and the changes it has brought to the organisation.
    Read  | Download
  • Newlon iPOS & XMPro Case Study
    Newlon Housing Trust case study published for iPOS and XMPro.
    Read  | Download
  • City Index iPOS Case Study
    City Index, global spread betting organisation, implements iPOS internationally.
    Read  | Download
  • Tesco EMS iPOS Case Study
    Read how Tesco EMS achieved "fresh" procurement in just over 3 weeks with iPOS eProcurement for Infor SunSystems.
    Read  | Download
  • LaSalle Consolidations Case Study
    Read how LaSalle Investment Management chose Consolidations for Infor SunSystems to manage their complex fund structure.
    Read  | Download
  • TransRe iPOS & CashDesk Case Study
    Read how Transatlantic Reinsurance saved nearly half a head per branch with the implementation of iPOS.
    Read  | Download
  • DCH CSB Case Study
    Read how DCH (Devon & Cornwall Housing Association) saved time and money by implementing CSB for Infor SunSystems as their recurring invoicing solution.
    Read  | Download
  • Net a Porter iPOS Case Study
    Read the Net-a-Porter case study detailing why they chose iPOS eProcurement for Infor SunSystems as their spend control system.
    Read  | Download
  • Go Outdoors
    By automating processes Go Outdoors were able to halve the amount of time taken for bank reconciliation process and focus on putting more time into finance functions that need personal attention
    Read  | Download
  • Brooklands College iPOS Case Study
    iPOS eProcurement transforms the purchasing process for College
    Read  | Download
  • RCT Homes
    RCT Homes pioneers the way for social housing accounting using iPOS eProcurement for SunSystems
    Read  | Download
  • airtel iPOS Case Study
    Celtel saves $23 million in first year with iPOS and Four Business Solutions with the help of Professional Advantage and iPOS procurement solution
    Read  | Download
  • Raven Housing Trust
    iPOS eProcurement transforms the purchasing process for Raven housing trust
    Read  | Download
  • Sam McCauley Chemists CashDesk Case Study
    Sam McCauley Chemists saved time and money by moving to a system that would also provide increased accuracy, control and visibility
    Read  | Download

All Recorded Demos

  • Recorded webinar: Bank Rec
  • Recorded webinar: eRemit
  • Recorded webinar: B4B
  • Recorded webinar: Consolidations
  • Recorded webinar: Collect Credit Mgmt
  • Recorded webinar: CSB
  • Recorded webinar: Advanced Inquiry
  • Recorded webinar: Dashboard