B4Bv5 for Infor SunSystems End of Life Announcement

B4Bv5 for Infor SunSystems End of Life Announcement Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Professional Advantage announce the end of sale for all versions of B4Bv5 - effective from the 1st of January 2019.



The reasons for setting the end of life of B4Bv5 include:-


  1. Outdated technology
  2. Non-compliance against SunSystems v6.3+
  3. Functionally replaced by B4Bv6.


What this means for you

  1. No B4Bv5 enhancement will occur – this policy has been in place since 2014
  2. No new-format development orders will be accepted after 31st December 2018
  3. End of support - Help Desk support will be limited support only. Bug fixes and enhancements will only be done in the B4Bv6 product. Telephone support will continue for a minimum of 18 months from 1st January 2019
  4. Mandatory (changes to the format made by the bank) bank format change requests will only be accepted up until 31st December 2019.


Professional Advantage encourage you to plan an upgrade to B4Bv6.3 or later which includes email remittances, PGP encryption and the ability to use it in a browser.


There is no software charge nor annual maintenance increase to upgrade to B4Bv6.3 unless a new format is required for development. You will be provided both v5 and v6 license keys to allow for parallel operation on request for up to 6 months. Services to perform the upgrade will be chargeable.


Register for our B4Bv6.3 Overview webinar on Thursday 22nd November at 10am to see the new look and feel plus additional functionality.